Netflix Guides was created to help all TV and movie enthusiasts keep up with the latest shows coming on Netflix, as well as provide news about your favorite series. The aim of the website is to become the go-to source for all Netflix-related news, latest releases and best shows. On you will find everything there is to know about both new and old films and TV series that are available on the online platform.

Netflix Guides will provide well-researched information about TV shows and films currently available on Netflix while also including tops and lists dedicated to the best shows produced and released online. You will be able to browse through categories dedicated to the Movies, TV series, the latest releases, the best shows of all time, as well as a news section. On Netflix Guides you will find everything you want to know in order to keep up with your favorite shows and never miss an episode. We aim to turn the website into a platform for users who are passionate about TV and cinema, and who feel free to share their passion with others. As a result of this purpose, we encourage our visitors to get involved and let us know what they think by taking the time to leave a comment in the dedicated section.

Information You Will Find on

  • Articles dedicated to the most popular TV Series available on Netflix
  • Useful information about the movies you can stream on Netflix, from all-time favorites, to the latest releases
  • An updated list of the shows that are coming soon to Netflix, with all the necessary information, included (release dates, production status, trivia facts)
  • A section dedicated to the best shows and movies you can stream on Netflix, covering a large array of genres and styles
  • The most important news about your favorite shows, as well as interesting facts about the productions that will soon be available on Netflix

Our dedicated team of movie and TV buffs will guide you through the world of Netflix, helping you decide which shows are worth your time. We will provide great insight into the fascinating world of cinema and TV, tailoring to your every need and curiosity. We want to offer you a reliable source of information, and we do this by providing well-researched articles on the most important subjects related to Netflix. If you want to know when the next episode of your favorite show will be available, or discover the latest releases coming to Netflix, our website is the place to be!

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Meet the Team

Graham Crouch

Graham CrouchGraham is a self-declared and proud movie buff. With a life-long passion for cinema he inherited from his film-making grandfather, Graham is our own personal film encyclopedia. His ability to remember release dates, trivia facts and funny cinema-related anecdotes makes him an amazing conversation partner. As a result of this, he loves contributing to Netflix Guides and offering his opinions on the latest series and movies you can stream online. Among his other hobbies are trekking, mountain climbing and playing chess.

Fernando Gonzales

Fernando GonzalesFernando is the most atypical geek you will ever meet. He loves his fair share of comic books, mangas and superhero movies, but he is also an accomplished dance instructor. We know, right? After moving to Chicago from his native Basque country, he fell in love with comic books and so his passion started. He is currently studying Graphic Design, and he regularly contributes to NetflixGuides, especially on subjects related to his passion for the hero and action film universe.

Irene Doyack

Irene DoyackIrene is dreaming of becoming a journalist, and she is studying for her Master’s Degree at Columbia University. In her free time, she stays up to date with the latest Netflix releases, being a devoted binge-watcher who never misses a good series. She periodically re-watches Twin Peaks, her all-time favorite, while also being addicted to more recent shows, such as Stranger Things. However, Irene is no couch potato, as she has run the New York Marathon twice already.

Jackie M. Miller

Jackie M. MillerJackie is young, enthusiastic and a constant source of positive energy. He is the latest addition to our team of writers, and we couldn’t have asked for anyone else. Jackie loves both theater and cinema and he spends his free time catching up with the latest episodes of his favorite series. Since childhood, he has developed an attraction towards war and action films and series, and he currently reviews the latest releases on these topics. Apart from cinema, his other life passion is caring for and rescuing animals, being a devoted volunteer for charities who work with abused or neglected animals.

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