Is Animaniacs on Netflix in 2017?

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Looking to get your nostalgia fill? The classic American cartoon show Animaniacs does just that, and now, you can also stream Animaniacs on Netflix. Filled with slapstick humor and pop references as well as a number of educational segments, this variety show will throw you back to your childhood. In this article you will find details about the cartoon show’s ratings, release date of Animaniacs on the streaming service, as well as regional-specific information about the Animaniacs Netflix availability.


Release Date on Netflix: April 1, 2016
Director: Tom Ruegger
Runtime: 22 minutes
IMDb Rating: 7.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Score: N/A

The classic American cartoon that ran from 1993-1998 followed the Warner siblings (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot) along with a large set of other characters through various skits in different periods and places throughout time. They regularly interacted with famous figures from mythological beings to celebrities. Each episode consisted of two or three shorts.

There’s plenty of interesting ins-and-outs about the infamous cartoon show. We’ve detailed some of our favorite gems below:

  • From the mid-’90s to the early 2000s, DC Comics published an Animaniacs comic book series.
  • Although intended to be a children’s cartoon, the show contained several references to adult-centric jokes. Many times, Yakko could be seen blowing a kiss to the audience when a dirty joke was said.
  • Due to more adults and teens liking the program rather than children, The WB moved the show to the Kids WB in an attempt to gain their intended audience’s interest. This, in part, led to the show’s eventual cancellation in the late ’90s.
  • There was a long-time running gag in the show where characters tried to figure out exactly what type of species the Warner siblings were. Each time they were asked, they gave the vague answer of, “We’re the Warners!”
  • Executive Producer Stephen Spielberg gave the final approval for all of the characters. However, two of them, Buttons and Mindy, were selected by his daughter.
  • Animaniacs spurred the spin-off series Pinky and the Brain, which later formed the spin-off Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain based off of characters from the original Animaniacs show.
  • The show rerun through syndication on Cartoon Network from 1997-1998, on Nickelodeon in 2001, Nicktoons from 2002-2005, and then on the Hub Network/Discovery Family from 2012-2014.
  • Animaniacs has received a number of awards. It won a Peabody Award in 1993, and it has been nominated for several Daytime Emmy Awards, winning eight.

Is Animaniacs on Netflix?

Yes, Animaniacs streaming is available. USA residents can watch all 99 episodes of Animaniacs on Netflix right now. Currently though, Animaniacs streaming does not appear to be available for other regions. Check your local Netflix page to see if or when it will be available for viewing.


For those of you living in the USA, you can now watch every episode of Animaniacs on Netflix. Unfortunately, the cartoon series is not available in other regions, but those of you who live in different countries should check back often to see when or if the Animaniacs streaming options change. To anyone currently watching Animaniacs Netflix or viewed the show years before, have any favorite episodes? Feel free to share those memories with other fans and embrace those new to the series.

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