The Best Halloween Movies on Netflix for a Spooky Good Time

Man watching a horror movie and the best Halloween movies on Netflix

Whether you’re looking for something cute to watch with the kids or feel like getting scared out of your mind, you’ll find the best Halloween movies on Netflix offer lots of options.

You’ll find a host of fun movies for children featuring classic Halloween characters like witches and ghosts. While some kid’s Halloween movies are a little creepy, there’s still plenty online for the most sensitive child to enjoy.

For older kids and adults, the choices can seem endless. You’ll find plenty of scary slasher flicks, along with more subtle fare like tales of haunted houses and supernatural beings seeking to possess the unwary.

Every year, Halloween gains more fans and followers. More adults celebrate Halloween than ever before. And more families go big when it comes to the decorations and parties.

What’s the best way to put everyone in the mood for decorating and pumpkin carving? By getting together and watching one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix for inspiration.

How We Chose the Best Halloween Movies on Netflix to Stream

The high point of curating a list of the best Halloween movies on Netflix is the opportunity to watch hours of great entertainment. However, we can’t view them all in time to share them with you.

So, along with our personal recommendations, we’ve also sourced the opinions of pro reviewers who had their own suggestions to make. We checked the lists from Variety, CNETWired, and more.

We also assessed viewer opinions by checking out ratings for Halloween movies on ranking sites, like Rotten Tomatoes and Ranker.

And while the list isn’t in any particular order, you’ll find it’s full of variety. We didn’t want to just make a list of great horror movies alone. After all, Halloween should be fun, not just scary.

So, pop some corn and turn down the lights – it’s about to get spooky up in here!

The Best Halloween Movies on Netflix Right Now

In no particular order, here are some of the best Halloween movies on Netflix that will haunt you with their terrifying premises, funereal imagery, or heart-thumping plot pacing.

1. ‘Carrie’

Nothing launches the haunting season like this horror classic from 1976. “Carrie” put Sissy Spacek — and Stephen King — on the culture map.

In this supernatural tale of revenge, an awkward teen with telekinetic powers finally snaps after years of abuse from bullying school mates and an insanely twisted mother.

As if high school isn’t scary enough, prom night becomes a literal bloodbath. “Carrie” terrifies on several levels.

2. ‘The Witch’

This atmospheric period piece is a slow burn. Set in 1630, the movie follows a family of devout Christians who have come to the New World to live their best lives.

But Old-World horrors follow them into their isolated homestead when the family finds themselves plagued by witches. A baby disappears, crops languish, and goats are slaughtered in a blasphemous ritual.

If thou dost lyke thy horror movies old-school, check it out. This is one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix to scare yourself senseless.

3. ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’

The Autopsy of Jane Doe” is not for the squeamish. Found at a crime scene with a brutally murdered couple, Jane Doe shows no apparent cause of death.

When a father and son team of small-town coroners try to identify the dead woman, as well as find out what ended her life. And as Tom and Austin Tilden hope to discover her identity, they become enmeshed in her dark secrets.

The evidence they find will make your blood run cold.

4. ‘As Above, So Below’

In many dark horror movies, a group of attractive young people finds terror by poking around in places they shouldn’t. In “As Above, So Below,” that means a group of young archeologists and the Paris Catacombs.

This underground cemetery is legendary and the perfect backdrop to any slasher film. And it suits this “found-footage” feature film to a tee.

But unlike most horror movies, the monster is our own fears, regrets, and failings. As the team goes deeper into the underground city of the dead, they’re drawn deeper into their own psyches, only to fall into madness.

5. ‘Tucker & Dale vs. Evil’

Many motivational speakers tell us we should learn to laugh at our fears. So, sometimes, the best Halloween movie on Netflix is a comedy.

Looking for a “bloody good laugh?” Check out “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil,” a horror-themed comedy.

In this slasher-film spoof, two backwoods boys set off to their cabin for some fishing and beer-drinking, only to find a bunch of college kids who think they’re serial killers.

The Tucker and Dale have been looking forward to a stint in the woods at their “fixer-upper.” But it seems the new cabin was the previous site of the “Memorial Day Massacre” 20 years ago.

When the serenity of their vacation is broken by a bunch of college kids who insist they’re a pair of inbred killer hillbillies, the weekend becomes a real nightmare for Tucker and Dale.

If you’re looking for the best Halloween movies on Netflix to make you laugh, check out “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.”

6. ‘The Haunting of Hill House’

This recent Netflix Originals adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s bestselling novel is a must-see. It’s subtle, off-screen terrors build throughout the series until you end up on the edge of your seat.

In this dark tale of dysfunction, a broken family draws together to face the haunted home that, years ago, drove their mother to insanity and resulted in her death.

Forced to face their demons — of their childhood, of the house, in their souls — they confront their distant father for his part in their mother’s death.

This isn’t a movie, but a limited series, so it’s perfect for a pre-Halloween weekend binge-fest.

7. ‘Coraline’

In this whimsically dark tale, Coraline is drawn into an alternate universe through the secret door she finds in the new family home. On the other side, she finds that everything is perfect. It’s better than the real world and her real life.

But everything is ever so wrong.

In the alternate world, Coraline’s “Other Mother” wants to keep her forever so she can eat up her soul.

This much-loved movie for families is every bit as creepy as any movie on this list. And it’s one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix for kids.

8. ‘The Sixth Sense’

Nothing says Halloween like a cute little kid haunted by the eerie specters of the shattered dead. While “The Sixth Sense” is 20 years old, it’s just as eerie and chilling as ever.

Child psychologist Malcolm Crowe is confronted and shot by a former patient, who accuses Crowe of failing to help him. The patient wounds Crowe and then turns the gun on himself in suicide.

Months later, Crowe is called in to help a 9-year-old whose life is a living hell because of the unknowing dead spirits that plague him.

This classic is filled with ghosts, suspense, drama, and maybe even a bit of redemption. This is one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix if you’re looking for more than a stereotypical horror flick.

9. ‘The Conjuring’

Fans of the supernatural should definitely catch this movie, based on the “true story” of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Conjuring” tells the story of the Perron family, who moved into an old farmhouse in 1971, only to find it infested with much worse than termites.

The Warrens diagnose the home as demonically possessed. According to legend, the trouble started when a satanic worshipper threw herself off the roof, and many murders and suicides followed.

“The Conjuring” has snagged numerous awards, including Best Horror Film from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, and a People’s Choice for Favorite Horror Movie.

If you love watching ghost-hunting TV shows, The Conjuring is the best Halloween movie on Netflix for you this year.

10. ‘Room on the Broom’

Looking for the best Halloween movies on Netflix that you can watch with the little ones? “Room on the Broom” is an adorable animated short film for the whole family.

This sweet story follows a kindly witch who lives in the woods, voiced by Gillian Anderson. Much to the annoyance of her long-suffering cat, she can’t say no when her animal friends want a ride on her broom.

Get Ready for the Perfect Halloween Movie Night

Whether you’re going for the creepy, the gory, or the sweetly supernatural, you’re bound to find that the best Halloween movies on Netflix set the stage for a great movie night.

Don’t forget the snacks, either! Serve seasonal favorites like warm oatmeal cookies and spiced apple cider. Snuggle down and get ready for a dark ride.

What are your favorite Halloween movies? Which ones did we miss on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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