The 29 Best Netflix Original Movies to Provide Hours of Entertainment

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It wasn’t until 2015, Netflix continues to be the leading streaming services in regards to content and an array of genres. With a budget of over $200m, the content provider aims to release over 90 movies every year. 

However, with hundreds of movies to choose from, it can be confusing trying to sift through the best Netflix original movies. Fortunately, we’ve done all the homework for you. 

We have compiled the latest and best Netflix original movies perfect for all interests. From emotional dramas, inspirational documentaries, cute romantic comedies to animated adventures are sure to find great movies you can enjoy with your loved ones. 

Below are some of the best Netflix’s original movies.

How We Reviewed

Before we picked our top original movies, we went through multiple movie review sites. We also checked the user’s rating to come up with films that people find interesting and captivating. 

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Top Netflix Original Movies

Some of the best original movies include:

Bird Box

Bird Box is a top-rated original Netflix movie with over 40million people watching it in its first week of release. The high-concept sci-fi tale involves blindfolds that provide humankind’s only protection from mysterious creatures, who when glanced, cause people to turn into murderous psychopaths or commit suicide. 

Sandra Bullock, who is the main character must protect her children from any eye contact with the monsters, which could drive them to suicide. You’ll go through a series of flashbacks to understand how the creatures emerged five years earlier. The other Co-Star, John Malkovich acts as a recent widower. 

The film has the end of the world scares, but it doesn’t have the tension you’d expect in a thriller film. 

Hold the Dark

Hold the Dark is another thriller from Jeremy Saulnier that starts with an odd setup, which quickly changes to fast-paced action. With journeys in Northern Alaska, Medora Slone pleads with Russell core not to explore the area as wolves killed her son.

Core tries to help Medora capture the wolves who took away her son; this leads to a serious relationship between the souls. However, when Medora’s husband returns home from the Iraq war, the child’s death leads to a violent chain of events. Core goes into a perilous odyssey into darkness. 

The movie falls into mystery, adventure, horror, thriller, and Drama. The film runs for 125 minutes with a TV-MA rating. 


ROMA is an Oscar award-winning film that occurs in Mexico City in the 70s. The story revolves a live-in housekeeper who works in a middle-class Mexican family in Roma. The film is a combination of emotions and heartfelt scenes guaranteed to have you glued on the screen.

With three academy awards, Roma is one of the most successful Netflix films. Its visuals and emotional concept make it a top-rated movie. The film runs for 135 minutes and has an R-rating for language and disturbing images. 

Set it up

Set it Up is an NYC-set romcom, where young adults in their twenties work to find their place in a world of business and journalism. Charlie and Harper go beyond their demanding boss’s needs, but end up teaming up for big projects of their careers.

They have a goal of setting up their bosses, Kristen, and Rick on a date, which should end with them falling in love. Only time will tell when they strike out and what will eventually happen. The romance and comedy movie runs for 105 minutes and has a TV-14 rating. It’s a perfect film for a lazy Sunday. 

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

While the film didn’t attain its full potential, it’s still a top-ranked Netflix original of last year. You’ll love the picturesque cinematography in 4K that captures the iconic Coen brothers. 

The six-part film features a series of tales about the American frontier through the voice of Ethan and Joel Coen. You’ll go through a distinct story in each chapter that revolves around the American West.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs falls under the Mystery, Drama, Western, and Drama Genres. It runs for 133 mins, with an R rating for some intense violence.


From the same director of The Raid, Safe Haven, and Berandal, Apostle is a thrilling horror production by Gareth Evans. The film features Dan Stevens and is a mix of graphic violence and naturalistic science fiction. Its narrative and bleak cinematography makes the film stand out.

The story involves a man who travels to a Welsh Island, with the hope to rescue his sister from a cult. In no time, he becomes aligned with an influential person, which leads to loyal relationships. The director displays his prowess in the camera angles, the extended sequences, and the big unexpected moments. With this scene execution, you can enjoy a well-crafted film.

The White Helmets

The 40 minutes long movie (thus no excuse not to watch). The White Helmets movie won an award on Oscars as in the category of the Best Documentary Short in 2017. The film is a traumatic yet inspirational snapshot of a war zone. 

In this film, we go through a story of a team of volunteer champions who were working in Aleppo City. The war in Syria had lasted for five years, more than 400,000 people have been killed, and millions had abandoned their homes for safety. People who survived relied on a group of volunteers to save their lives. The official Syria Civil Defense who is now the White Helmet risked his life to rescue everyone.   

At the start of the documentary, we see this team of men sharing a meal like a regular friend. Nevertheless, they are not a group of friends; some are former painters, lectures, engineers, and bankers on the same mission to save people they can find after the aftermath of fallen bombs.

 One minute they are chatting quietly and the next minute they are up on their feet as there is a loud noise signaling yet another bombing. With no hesitation, they follow a speeding truck with plumes of smoke brows in anticipation of what is to come. We see them ready to face unthinkable danger as they are determined to save the survivors with their bare hands. 

Since the war began in March 2011, the group innocent civilians have been injured and killed from this war, but this group has saved a thousand lives in their noble mission. 

Even in their compassion driven triumphs, it's worth mentioning that they still encountered some setbacks. Over 204 volunteers were killed as they tried to save others. Although through the harrowing realities, we get to see the power of the human inner self. 

The Heat

The heat is an incredible comedy movie featuring two female friends by director Paul Feig. We get great performances out of two actresses Sandra Bullocks and McCarthy who have fantastic chemistry. 

Sandra Bullock’s (Ashburn) is undeniably talented comedienne and actress. She has a commanding screen presence and gives life to clinched personality. Melissa McCarthy (Mullins) keeps regretting cursing in every sentence. She is insanely talented, and she is the one who made the bridesmaids who she was.  

Ashburn is a hoity-toity, ambitious but arrogant FBI agent though she doesn’t entertain nonsense from people around her. Mullins is rough, violent and disrespectful Boston cop who also doesn’t relate well with people around her. The two naturally make a perfect pair. The two would often file a restraining order against which makes them become great friends. 

At first, their friendship doesn’t come easy; when Ashburn steals Mullins parking spot, she becomes furious. Mullins felonious behavior, hygiene, and languages appall Ashburn, but in the end, they realize that they do need each other.

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They have the same mission together; to eliminate a heartless and mysterious drug network where Mullin’s brother Jason is involved. Ashburn has confidential FBI files, and Mullins wishes to steal them. 

Both of them have many problems, and even though they are in a mess, we see their desire to bring criminals to books and protect the innocent one. Mullins also busted his brother Jason, when she learned that he is involved in drugs. Even though her entire family shunned her, she has no regrets. 

Ashburn gets to love and understand Mullins and to see a caring person despite all the imperfections. When a fellow worker mocks Mullins, she flies to her defense claiming that she is the best cop and better than everyone in that room including herself. 

We eventually learn that all the insecurities Ashburn’s has come from dated back to her childhood life as she grew in a foster care system. She gets a touching message from Mullins saying “foster kid; you now have a sister”. 

The movie got whole lots of combination, for example, lots of positive elements, comedy content profane language, sexual content, alcohol and drug content as well as violent content. The heat is worth your time. 

Beast of No Nation

The emotional power in the film making of Beast of Nation is undeniable. Cary Joji Fukunga as the director, cinematographer and writer is a pioneer of dynamic and imaginative metaphors. He doesn’t disappoint; he proved in “True Detective” and in “Sin Nombre” and did it again in this movie. 

Beast of No Nation is based on a novel by Uzidinma Iweala with the same title. The theme is about a Nigerian sociologist and doctor who start the story at Harvard doing a thesis project. Then the movie jumps into the story of a Hero boy Agu (Abraham Attah) who is eight years old. Agu narrates his past life stories about his family and the peaceful life they enjoyed in a disillusioned but poetic voice-over occasionally. Unfortunately, revolution turns the country upside down.

A particular group in Agu’s country which their family belonged wanted to ousted individuals who were trying to overthrow the nation (as they put it, taking back the country). Within a short time, the village was in chaos, soldiers firing rifles to everyone they meet clomping down the street. Agu finds himself in a jungle alone.


Mudbound is an epic story set in the rural American South during World War II. It features two families that are placed in rivalry by a social hierarchy. However, the two families share the farmland in Mississippi Delta.

The McAllen family come from Memphis to face the harsh demands of farming. Henry as the husband has dreams of making it big, but his wife Laura is almost losing faith in the husband’s venture.

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Florence and Hap Jackson are sharecroppers who’ve worked for generations to build a dream regardless of the social barriers. The families later develop a friendship, which challenges the reality they live in. 

The dramatic film runs for 134 minutes and has an R rating for brief language and disturbing violence. 

The Outsider

The Outsider stares Jared Leto as the main character, which has more acting and less talk. The story starts with an American soldier in post-war Japan, who enters a mob family Yakuza while in prison.

Jared, who acts as Nick Lowell brings honesty and intensity to his character. Most people who watched the film found it a bit boring as its 70% Japanese in its storytelling style. Its open-ended climax was also a bummer. The Outsider has an NR rating and runs for 120 minutes. 

The Incredible Jessica James

The Incredible Jessica James features a 25-year old playwright who’s gone out of a relationship. She’s tired of the dating scene and meaningless talk. However, she bumps into Chris O’Dowd, who acts as Boone and they hit it off. Boone is an award-winning food photographer who is divorced. 

The movie is amiable and a romcom-lite, but with a relaxed feel. It runs for 85 minutes, is a comedy genre, and has an NR rating.

To All the Boys I’ve loved before

If you’re looking for a romantic film that has drama, you should watch this movie. A teenager Lara is an ordinary high schooler until the love letters she’s written go public. The letters have content of what Lara could never say in real life to the boys she’s loved. Her best friend is responsible for leaking the letters in hopes of getting her a boyfriend.

The movie is a favorite amongst old and young female audiences. To All the Boys is based on a Jenny Han novel with the same title, which was a New York Times best-seller. The film runs for 110 minutes and has a V rating.

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Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier features a team of former Special Forces operative who reunite to organize a heist in the border zone of S. America. They come up with a plan to undertake a dangerous mission for the first time in their careers instead of the country. However, things don’t go as expected as unexpected events threaten to distort their plans. Their morals, loyalties, and skills go through a breaking point as they battle to survive. 

The R-rated film runs for 125 minutes, and has action and drama as its genres,

The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date is rom-com genre that features Matt Walsh, Camila Mendez, Noah Centino, Zak Steiner, and Laura Marano. The main character Brooks Rattigan dreams of getting into an Ivy League School, Yale, but lacks the funds to make his dreams come true despite being academically gifted.

He comes up with a money making idea where he launches an application as a stand-in hire for every occasion. With time, he meets his dream girl as business flourishes. However, he has to decide on what’s important when both the girl and business dominate his life. 


Okja is an all-time classic fable that features young Mija who is a companion and caretaker to Okja, a massive animal in the mountains of Korea. She does this for ten years, but these changes when a multinational conglomerate takes Okja to New York where Lucy Mirando, the CEO comes up with other plans for Mija’s friend.

Mija goes on a mission to rescue Okja, but she has to face consumers, capitalists, and demonstrators all battling for Okja. The Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, and Drama movie runs for 120 min and has a TV-MA rating. 

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The Little Prince

The Little Prince features a mother who prepares her girl to achieve the best possible life. The girl goes through an extensive study program and is so busy to have time to interact with neighbors or friends. 

However, this old man next door convinces the girl to take a break; this is where he tells her stories about his life as an Aviator and how he met the little prince. Having won the Cesar Award for best-animated film, you can expect a charming, yet beautiful story with an exciting catch for the whole family. The PG-rated movie runs for 108 minutes. 

The Wandering Earth

Being one of the biggest films of 2019, The Wandering Earth is China’s second-highest film bringing in millions of dollars at the box office. The movie takes you in the future where the sun begins to expand.

Nonetheless, humanity is threatened with extinction, and this forces the planet off into space with the hope of finding a new place to call home. The Chinese astronauts and scientists have to come up with a way to save the world as there’s a risk of earth crashing into the gas giant. 

The movie has no rating, but it runs for 125 minutes. 


Icarus is an academy award winner for the best documentary feature. It features a filmmaker, who goes on a journey to unearth the truth about doping in sports. On the way, he meets with a Russian scientist who changes his story to a geographical thriller.

The biggest scandal in history exposes unexplained deaths, dirty urine, and Olympic gold as part of the thriller. You can expect to have an idea of the cheating that takes place in the world of sports. The not rated yet film runs for 121 minutes.

Strong Island

Strong Island is an Oscar-nominated documentary that takes you through a murder investigation of a black man. The victim was the filmmaker’s brother, William Ford Jr, a 24-year old. The director takes you on a personal journey into the investigation.

The victim was a teacher and was killed by a 19-year old mechanic Mark Reilly. Weirdly, Ford became a prime suspect in his murder despite not being armed. The 107-minute documentary explores Ford’s family across geography, history, and tragedy.

You get to learn about racial segregation, middle-class safety, and violent, unexpected death. The film shows how the family’s life was shaped by the shadow of racism in America.

The Fundamentals of Caring

The Fundamentals of Caring is a comedy film that seeks to debunk the stigma of disabilities. It takes you through the life of a writer who is stuck in the past together with a young body with a disability venture. They both go on a road trip. 

One has emotional paralysis, and the other is physically disabled. They meet a woman who challenges their survival skills; with time they understand how true friendship and hope is priceless.

The comedy, drama Netflix movie runs for 97 minutes and has a TV-MA rating. 

Imperial Dreams

Imperial Dreams is a simple film that anyone can resonate an empathetic person. Unlike other gang-related films that glorify drugs and parties, the film is a cautionary tale with hope. You’ll come across a kingpin gangster, an unrelenting officer, and a loser cousin. Each of these characters is allowed to play without changing shifts.

Bambi is Day’s father, and he lives up to his responsibility. However, the elements around them threaten to destroy this relationship. The movie uses brutality and violence widely. Malik Vitthal, the director, does a fantastic job with this drama film that runs for 87 minutes. 

22 July

The film reflects the events of 22nd July 2011, where Anders Breivik committed crimes that led to the deaths of over 60 children. In this film, you go through the before, during, and after the events. 

It’s one of the massive attacks in Norway’s history after WW2. The first attack occurred in an office building where Norway’s prime minister resided, this led to deaths of Norwegian citizens, and hundreds were injured. Later Anders massacred the children staying at Utoya Summer Camp.

A survey showed that at the end of 22 July, over 300 citizens had injuries, and more than 70 had died. The Not Rated biography runs for 143 minutes. 

The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox is a space-set horror that seeks to explain concerns about the Cloverfield universe. It starts with a team of scientific researchers on a space station who tries to harness an energy source, but end up unleashing something scary. The technology leads to unexpected results, something that leaves the team fighting for survival.

The sci-fi thriller was initially meant to be in cinemas, but it had a confusing plot. Netflix secured the exclusive rights to screen it, and they did it in a Beyoncé like fashion. You’ll come across the likes of Daniel Bruhl, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and David Oyelowo in this film.

While it’s not perfect, the tense and watchable flick changes the release of blockbuster movies. The TV-MA rated movie runs for 102 minutes. 

To The Bone

To the bone is a film that features a 20-year-old anorexic girl Ellen who spends most of her years in recovery programs. However, she’s a few pounds lighter each time she attends these programs. The family agrees to send her to an untraditional doctor who has a home for troubled youths.

Ellen is surprised by the rules in this home and goes on a self-discovery journey to confront her addiction. The movie shows the struggle of the anorexic, and the conditions of those who suffer from it have to live with. The TV-MA rated movie runs for 107 minutes. 

Velvet Buzzsaw

The Velvet Buzzsaw starts when an art collector discovers an art collection by an unknown artist. However, mysterious and strange things begin to happen when the art seems to target anyone who’s used the drawing for personal gain and greed.

You can expect a horror and thriller film being a Dan Gilroy and Jake Gyllenhaal film. While you may find it chilling at some time, you’ll find its comedic element captivating. The R-rated movie runs for 113 minutes. 

Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is from Stephen King’s novel with a tense setting. It’s a favorite with critics and fans. The film is set in rural Alabama and features a couple who try to be more intimate, which leads to unexpected consequences. The result is a thrilling psychological horror. 

You’ll love the characters and the tension that makes this movie famous. It’s a must-watch if you like Stephen King’s novels. The film runs for 103 minutes and has a TV-MA rating. 

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead

The movie tells the story of a director at the end of his career. He has lost all the grace and success he had in his younger years and was now an old artist in exile. After a while, he comes up with a film which is meant to be his comeback Hollywood vehicle.

He struggles to complete it for six years and manages to film it on commercial appearances and acting gigs to make money. However, in 1985, he dies with the movie unfinished. It’s kept in a vault for decades. The documentary shows the never seen before forage from the director’s original interviews with the cast and crew. You also learn about the betrayal that consists of high and low culture.

They’ll Love me when I’m dead runs for 98 minutes and has an NR rating.

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Come Sunday 2018

Come Sunday features an internationally-renowned pastor Carlton who faces a faith crisis. He risks his family, the church, and the future when he questions church doctrine. He teaches his congregation that those who reject Jesus and the sexually immoral will all go to heaven. The movie’s heretical message shows that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle and God won’t reject them. 

He loses his prestige, his congregation, and the church for his preaching. The movie based on actual events and showcases strained family relations. The 106-minute drama has a TV-14 rating.


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All you want is to binge watch Netflix originals after a long week. Our list of the best Netflix original movies will provide you with endless hours of entertainment. 

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