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Boy Meets World is an American television series shot in the classic situation comedy format. It is very much a coming of age story that follows the teenage years of Cory Mathews and his friends as they all attend school, deal with family problems, and try to grow up. The show had a lot of good critical reviews, as well as a very committed fan base. Let’s talk more about the show and its themes, then we can figure out if it you can find a Boy Meets World Netflix folder.

Boy Meets World

Release Date on Netflix: Unknown
Director: Michael Jacobs and April Kelly
Runtime: 23 minutes
IMDb Rating: 8.1
Rotten Tomatoes Score: No Score

The series begins with our hero, Cory (Ben Savage), in middle school with his best friend Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong). They are in sixth grade, uninterested in homework, and just starting to figure out that girls exist. Their favorite teacher is Mr. George Feeny (William Daniels), who tries to offer guidance when the boys are in trouble. They are both very active in sports, and that leads to some of the season-to-season drama. There is also Cory’s childhood friend Topanga (Danielle Fishel), who he starts to get attracted to as the series continues.

The second season premieres with all three youngsters starting their first year of high school, and the coming of age comedy and drama ensue. They meet a new, unconventional English teacher named Mr. Jonathan Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn). The second through fifth seasons follow their time in high school. They contain story lines involving sports, SAT tests, applying for college, as well as family and romantic relations. The guys go on a road trip in one story arc, while several new students come in and out of everyone’s life.

Seasons six and seven follow Cory as he leaves for college. They all decide to go to the same school, and Cory and Topanga make plans to get married. Those plans fall through, however, when Topanga’s parents decide to get a divorce. The seasons really follow the romantic paths of the leads from here out, and the drama of being young and in love.

The show won several awards, and it continues to have strong DVD sales even years after it went off the air. It also saw a lot of play in syndication. Check out this trailer from the first season to see how the story began.

Boy Meets World on Netflix

Right now, all seven seasons of Boy Meets World are available as part of Netflix’s home DVD rental service. However, the show is not currently streaming through their online service. Netflix has been getting out of the classic television game and focusing their attention on new and original projects. This means you can’t really do a Boy Meets World Netflix streaming, at least not right now.


Boy Meets World is very much a coming of age story about a young boy growing into a young man. It follows the themes of family, change, and relationships. It had a huge following among teens, and some are still renting and buying the DVDs today. While it may not be available on Netflix’s streaming service, it is available as part of their DVD rental service, if you pay an additional charge Boy Meets World is a fun, charming show well worth trying.

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