Downton Abbey Season 5 on Netflix

downton abbey season 5 actors
With impressive attention to historic detail, flawless casting and a knack for storytelling so compelling that items on a dinner menu become a fascinating plot point, Downton Abbey Season 5 revives ardent fans’ love of the period drama. Events encompass a year in the life of the gentry class and those in service to them, closely shadowing the real-world events of 1924 at relevant points.

Downton Abbey Season 5

Season Release Date on Netflix: TBA
Directors: Catherine Morshead, Minkie Spiro, Philip John and Michael Engler.
Runtime: seven hours, 37 minutes.
IMDb Rating: 8.7/10
Season’s Rotten Tomatoes Score80%

As hinted in the Downton Abbey Season 5 trailer, drama once again takes center stage in the lives of both servants and aristocracy alike at the Abbey. With the election of a Labour government, the Crowleys wonder if their traditional way of life will come under attack. Meanwhile, some of the servants below stairs find encouragement in the change of government.

Familiar faces return in Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 1, with most of the below-stairs staff reprising their roles. Thomas is up to his old tricks of blackmail and manipulation of the newly hired Baxter. The Crowley family are joined by Lady Anstruther, who shows a special interest in Jimmy. Most of the filming took place on location for the familiar exterior of Highclere Castle in Berkshire. The interior shots, however,  are once again of the West Wycombe House in Buckinghamshire.

Events from last season again become an issue for Anna and Bates as an inspector from London appears at the Abbey. Lady Edith’s secret child continues to be raised by a farmer and his family. This is causing her anguish that she cannot be a greater part of her daughter’s life. Her visits come under suspicion by the farmer’s wife, who thinks Lady Edith must have a romantic interest in her husband. As the visits increase, the farmer’s wife decides to put her foot down and forbid Lady Edith from returning. The farmer guesses at Lady Edith’s true reason for interest in little Marigold and helps to contrive a way for the two to be together.

In the Downton Abbey Season 5 finale, the family visits the Sinderby estate for a bit of light grouse hunting at Christmastime. These scenes are filmed on location at the incomparable Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. Tempers flair as Thomas seeks to get a bit of revenge, but Rose steps in to smooth the damage. Identified as a possible suspect in Green’s death, Anna is still under arrest until Bates finds a way to shift suspicion away from her. Two central cast members get engaged and another announces plans to leave England.

downton abbey season 5 actors

Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode Guide

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Is Downton Abbey Season 5 on Netflix?

Yes and no, depending on the region. The U.S. version of Netflix pulled all episodes of Downton Abbey in 2013 and will need to renegotiate with PBS in order to air later seasons. Netflix Australia has seasons one through five available beginning February 21, 2017, as do Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, New Zealand, Venezuela, and Norway.

Even the briefest Downton Abbey Season 5 recap shows the series has lost none of its sense of immersive drama. However, the true reward comes in watching each episode not only for their masterfully timed pacing of events but for the faithful recreation of the era in everything from clothing styles to interior design to working-class vernacular.

The fifth season of Downton Abbey allows its viewers to travel back in time to relive a pivotal era of British history. In fact, the whole show is definitely worth the watch. If you are interested in streaming other seasons of Downton Abbey, you can check out our guide to the Downton Abbey Netflix page.

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