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Fans that have been clamoring for more of Matt Groening’s cartoon classic Futurama can finally satisfy their craving. The Futurama characters you know and love are now streaming on Netflix! Originally airing in 1999 on FOX, Futurama saw a number of television homes as it tried to find it’s footing. It originally aired between March of 1999 until it’s first cancellation in 2003.

Networks like Cartoon Network and Comedy Central helped revive the popularity of the show and it was granted life in 2008. With newfound popularity, Futurama was able to continue on for another five years before its last cancellation.

Futurama Recap

Release Date on Netflix: 2013
Directors: Matt Groening and David X. Cohen
Runtime: 10 Seasons, 22 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating: 8.5
Rotten Tomatoes Score: N/A

Futurama poster

Futurama follows the adventures of Fry, a down on his luck pizza boy that accidentally gets frozen for 1000 years. When he awakens in the future, he decides to take this opportunity to change his life so he goes to work for Planet Express Corporation (PEC), a delivery company. This particular delivery company ships packages all over the world and the five quadrants of the universe!

Joining him are a ragtag group of individuals who also aren’t fairing too well in life, either. The quirky Futurama cast includes Leela, a beautiful one-eyed alien who happens to be the ship captain; Bender, a very human-like robot when it comes to character flaws; Hermes, the accountant of PEC; Amy Wong, an intern at PEC; and lastly Professor Farnsworth, the proprietor of PEC. All of these characters come together to help Fry adjust to life in the future and give him a bit of a hard time. In return, Fry is able to provide a much more grounded view of life which, leads to some hilarious situations.

Along with the stellar voice cast, there are also countless guest star voices (some even voicing themselves). They include Adam West (himself); George Takei (himself); Al Gore and Leonard Nimoy (themselves); Coolio (Kwanza-bot); Sarah Silverman; Buzz Aldrin (himself); Hank Aaron(himself); Larry Bird (himself); Patrick Stewart (Huntmaster) and Sigourney Weaver as the voice of the Planet Express Ship!

Futurama is ready and perfect for binging! Sit down and see why TV Guide named Futurama one of the 60 greatest cartoons of all time:

Is Futurama on Netflix?

In a word…yes! Now for some of you, there might be some bad news. Currently, all 10 seasons of Futurama currently stream on Netflix in the US. Canada had all 10 seasons then dropped the first six. Netflix UK has yet to stream Futurama, and the future is unknown. Netflix Australia sadly suffers the same fate as Netflix UK.

One of the greatest cartoons of all time has found its home on Netflix! If you grew up on the Simpson’s this show is sure to be a slam dunk for you! Along with its crazy cast of characters, unique setting and a laundry list of guest voices, you’re bound to see what so many saw when it originally aired back in 1999. The Futurama characters are sure to bring about hours of laughter and entertainment. With the convenience that comes with having Netflix, you’ll be able to watch it on the go whenever you want! Log in and get binging!

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