Grimm Season 4 on Netflix

grimm season 4

Before diving into our Grimm Season 4 on Netflix guide, let’s recap what happened in the last three seasons of Grimm:

Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt visits his aunt who is dying of cancer. He soon finds out that she spent her life hunting down all things supernatural. As the reigning descendant of the original hunters, she was imbued with the power to see what mere mortals cannot see; that the creatures out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales are real and that they masquerade as humans.

When she died, the power passed on to Nick. He is now tasked with ferreting out the dangerous, supernatural creatures.

Here is everything you need to know about the NBC fantasy series Grimm Season 4.

Grimm – Season 4

Season’s Netflix Release Date: September 29, 2015
Director: Various
Runtime: 45 minutes
IMDB Rating: 7.8
Season’s Rotten Tomatoes Score: 86%

Nick deals with the loss of his powers as Captain Renard lies in critical condition at the hospital. Undeterred from his purpose, Nick continues to work cases that involve other worldly creatures, while Elizabeth hunts for a way to restore his Grimmness. He encounters octopus, warthog, ogre and other wesens, all without his powers.

Elsewhere, Monroe and Rosalee continue to plan their wedding. Dark forces keep trying to interfere. Juliette uncovers a mysterious woman named Henrietta, who is an old family friend of Renard’s. Henrietta is able to serve as sage as more creatures are created and uncovered. A serial killer starts to stalk the streets of Portland and not all of Nick’s friends will make it out alive.

This series is set and filmed in Portland, Oregon. Arnold Vosloo guest stars as a Wesen Bounty Hunter named Jonathan Wilde in episode 12.
Grimm Season 4 continues the tale of one of the last Grimms as he struggles to live life and fight the darkness.

Grimm Season 4 Episode Guide

Grimm – Season 4 Episode 1: Thanks for the Memories
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 2: Octopus Head
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 3: The Last Fight
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 4: Dyin’ on a Prayer
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 5: Cry Luison
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 6: Highway of Tears
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 7: The Grimm Who Stole Christmas
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 8: Chupacabra
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 9: Wesenrein
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 10: Tribunal
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 11: Death Do Us Part
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 12: Marechaussee
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 13: Trial by Fire
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 14: Bad Luck
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 15: Double Date
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 16: Heartbreaker
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 17: Hibernaculum
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 18: Mishipeshu
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 19: Iron Hans
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 20: You Don’t Know Jack
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 21: Headache
Grimm – Season 4 Episode 22: Cry Havoc

Is Season 4 on Netflix?

No. Season 1-3 are streaming on Netflix Austria, Netflix Belgium, Netflix France, Netflix Germany, Netflix Italy, Netflix Luxembourg, Netflix Portugal, Netflix Spain and Netflix Switzerland. Season 4 is available via the Netflix DVD service.


Grimm is great for binge watching and for catching a few episodes here and there. If you can’t stream the series, it is available through the Netflix DVD service. Great special effects combine with a dark take on children’s fairy tales to make Grimm a fun show to curl up with on a dark, stormy night.