Is Homeland Season 4 on Netflix?

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Welcome to our guide to Homeland season 4. Here you’ll find the plot, main cast, star guests, and complete episode list of the 4th season of Homeland on Netflix. But first, let’s recap what happened in the first 3 seasons of Homeland:

U.S. Marine Corps Sniper, Nicolas Brody was held captive for nearly a decade by Al-Qaeda before being rescued and returning home. Everyone regards him as a war hero, but CIA Officer Carrie Mathison comes to believe that Brody is now working against the interests of the United States. But she is unable to convince her superiors that Brody is dangerous, so she teams up with her mentor Saul to investigate Brody and try to prevent him from committing an act of terror.

You can also find out more about the first three seasons and the following ones in our guide to Homeland on Netflix. Now, here is everything you need to know about the Showtime drama Homeland Season 4.

homeland season 4 screencap

Homeland Season 4

Season’s Netflix Release Date: September 6, 2015
Director: Various
Runtime: 55 minutes
IMDB Rating: 8.4
Season’s Rotten Tomatoes Score: 83%

Homeland Season 4 follows Mathison and her team through an operation that will have dire consequences for everyone.

Installed as station chief in Afghanistan, Carrie orders an air strike in an attempt to kill a terrorist named Haissam Haqqani. The strike kills a group of civilians. Mathison reaches out to a survivor of the attack named Aayan and attempts to recruit him. She soon learns that he has something to hide.

After members of her team fall victim to Haqqani’s men, Mathison must use Aayan and his contacts to mitigate damages. This puts Aayan in danger and gives the terrorists leverage. They demand an exchange of prisoners. The terrorist group continues to get the upper hand on Mathison and her group. Finding out who is feeding them information leaves Mathison spinning.

Season 4 saw big shifts in cast and story as Brody’s family is no longer part of the narrative. Laila Robins joins the cast as the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan. This series films primarily in Charlotte, North Carolina. Season 4 also filmed large portions in Cape Town, South Africa.

Homeland – Season 4 Episode Guide

Homeland – Season 4 Episode 1: The Drone Queen
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 2: Trylon and Perisphere
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 3: Shalwar Kameez
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 4: Iron in the Fire
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 5: About a Boy
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 6: From A to B and Back Again
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 7: Redux
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 8: Halfway to a Donut
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 9: There’s Something Else Goin On
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 10: 13 Hours In Islamabad
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 11: Krieg Nicht Lieb
Homeland – Season 4 Episode 12: Long Time Coming

Is Homeland Season 4 on Netflix?

Yes! Season 4 is streaming on Netflix Canada, Australia, UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.


Homeland Season 4 served as a bit of a reboot for the series. The Brody saga came to a conclusion after 3 seasons and the show focused more on life as a CIA agent. New settings, new cast, and new objectives keep the energy fresh. Catch up with this action packed show, now available on Netflix.