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One of the most compelling biographical TV series of the past decade, Narcos tells the story of the world-renowned crime boss and drug lord Pablo Escobar. This Netflix original series tells the story of how the infamous drug cartel first came to be while centering around the life of the young drug lord and his relationship with the Colombian government and people. If you’ve somehow happened to miss the show so far, you can find it on the Narcos Netflix page. Here’s more about what happens in the first two seasons and their availability throughout the world:

Narcos on Netflix

Release Date on Netflix: August 28th, 2015
Directors: Andrés Baiz, Gerardo Naranjo, Josef Kubota Wladyka, Fernando Coimbra, Guillermo Navarro, and José Padilha
Runtime: 49 minutes
IMDb Rating: 8.9
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 84%

The Narcos Netflix original series tells the story of a young Pablo Escobar and an undercover DEA agent sent to take him down. It stars Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, and Pedro Pascal, and it is one of the best biography crime dramas you will watch for quite some time.

With two seasons already on the website and the next two already on their way, Narcos is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas, drug stories, great acting, and fantastic cinematography. You can watch the show’s first two seasons the Narcos Netflix page right now!

Netflix Narcos Season 1 Plot

The first season introduces us to the life of Pablo Escobar from the late ‘70s until the summer of ’92 and walks us through the main events that took place in Colombia and Pablo Escobar’s relationship with the government and Colombian people.

More precisely, it tells the story of how Escobar gave up the illegal trade and transportation of miscellaneous goods for a new and much more profitable merchandise: cocaine. The business took off almost immediately, so Escobar and his men developed labs through the Colombian rainforest, as well as distribution routes all the way to Miami where most of the wealthy consumers resided.

Of course, when the American government realized a significant amount of USD was going to Colombia and that drug-related violence was increasing all over the country, they decided to help the Colombian government end the flow of drugs coming into the US. They end up arresting and imprisoning the drug lord, but he manages to escape the prison at the end of the first season.

You can watch the trailer for the first season of Narcos here:

Netflix Narcos Season 2 Plot

The second season does a great job at portraying the efforts Escobar and his team must go through to keep him safe from the authorities. This cost him the loyalty and help of a good portion of his men as the war against drugs became more dangerous and violent. After barely managing to escape together with one of the few trustworthy men he had left, Escobar slips when he becomes emotional during his 44th birthday and calls his family. This mistake leads to a rooftop chase which ends with the execution of Escobar.

Narcos season 2 ends with his wife, Tata, asking the Cali drug cartel for help with leaving the country, while the DEA agent who helped Colombian authorities capture the infamous drug dealer returns to the US.

Here’s the trailer for the second season of Narcos:

Netflix Narcos Season 3 Plot

Narcos Season 3 was released on September 1st, 2017 and focuses on the chase after the Cali cartel. Now that Escobar is dead, the Cali cartel has extended its markets in the USA and Cali’s way of dealing with challenges is a bit different: they prefer bribing or blackmailing public servants to get their way.

However, Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela announces his plans for the Cali cartel: after about half a year, Orejuela wants to get the Cartel out of the cocaine business and turn to legal business instead. The third season of Narcos also focuses on Jorge Salcedo, the head of security for the Cali cartel, and ends with many of them either in prison or six feet under.

You can watch the trailer for the third season of Narcos below:

Narcos Season 4 Has Been Announced!

Netflix already announced the release of the fourth season back in September 2016 when they mentioned the TV show was renewed for at least two more seasons. So far, nobody knows what to expect – not even Pedro Pascal who plays leading role of Agent Peña.

Is Narcos on Netflix?

Recently, we’ve received a bunch of messages asking us whether the Narcos Netflix page is up to date. And while the answer is a resounding and compelling ‘Yes!’ for all countries which have access to the streaming service, we are also going to talk about the reason why so many people are unsure of whether their favorite shows are present on the streaming service.

First off, the Narcos Netflix page is always updated – if a show is produced by Netflix, you’ll find all of its episodes on the website. The issues only start appearing if a season of a show is airing on TV, but Netflix originals are only available on the website.

Since Narcos is one of the best recent Netflix originals, it follows the same structural pattern as the other highly successful Netflix shows over the past few years. This means that a whole season is launched at the same time, with one year between each of them.

Interestingly, this allows for a much better cohesion between a season’s episodes. And since Netflix original shows are made to be binge-watched, this is the perfect format the TV show could have taken. In fact, the format is one of the reasons we are living in what’s referred to as the Golden Age of Television.

Many speculate the Narcos season 4 release date is somewhere at the end of August or beginning of September 2018, and this is likely if we consider the release dates of previous seasons. Netflix, however, has not announced a release date yet.

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Narcos is by far one of the best TV series of the decade, and their accurate portrayal of how things went down with Escobar and the war on drugs in South America only adds to the quality and popularity of the show. If you haven’t watched the series yet, go on Netflix right now and find it! And don’t forget to let us know what you liked most (and least) about it!

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