The Netflix App for PC Turns Your Desktop into an Entertainment Zone

A rman sits with a laptop while using the Netflix app for PC.

A roman sits with a laptop while using the Netflix app for PC.

If you are a pop culture fan looking to have a wealth of entertainment at your fingertips, wherever you find yourself, then the Netflix app for PC is the answer.

This simple, must-have app turns your desktop into an entertainment zone by not only providing you with the thousands of movies and television shows that you love but by also allowing you to download those programs so you can watch them anytime. Even without an internet connection.

This guide will serve as your one-stop shop for how to get the most out of this app including the benefits and advantages and step-by-step instructions for how you can make the most out of the critically acclaimed Netflix app for PC.

Netflix App for PC: Another Way to Watch Your Favorite Entertainment

Ever since 2007, when Netflix expanded its empire to include streaming media, the entertainment company has grown by leaps and bounds and is now being enjoyed by over 100 million subscribers worldwide

There is a lot to love on Netflix. At any given time, the available content includes over 4,000 movies and almost 2,000 episodic television shows available in some formats and viewing resolutions.

 Perhaps the most exciting thing about Netflix is that it continually introduces new original series onto the platform. Those who have enjoyed hits such as "Stranger Things," "The Crown," and "Narcos" know that a subscription to Netflix is a must-have.

As time has gone on, Netflix has increased its availability over a variety of platforms. The app is now available on new TVs, video game systems, and on mobile devices.

With the addition of the hot new Netflix app for PC, viewers can now enjoy their favorite entertainment on their Windows 10 PCs, both on and offline.

 It’s a Netflix App That Puts You in Control

The Netflix app for PC is very user-friendly, giving you all of the significant benefits that users have come to expect from the comprehensive streaming service.

Netflix is always adding new content, and this app lets you take advantage of all of it. All of your favorite movies, television shows, and original series are available without commercials with the ability to pause, play, and resume watching at will. As a bonus, Netflix algorithms learn and recommend new selections that are catered just for you.

 The Netflix app for PC also gives you the option to create up to five profiles so each member of your family or circle of friends can create their own individualized profile where each person can have their personalized Netflix experience, all on one app!

Plus, the Netflix app for PC provides the option of limiting the available content so kids can have a safe space to watch engaging and educational content at their leisure.

Highly conducive to the PC environment, the app works well with existing windows functions. You will have the ability to use Cortana to search for your entertainment. Live Tile function allows you to pin this app to your Start menu as it keeps tabs on your "Continue Watching" list. We'll talk more about how to do that later.

 Netflix creates a game changer: Downloading

The Netflix app for PC also offers you a new option that you can’t get everywhere else. The ability to download the media so you can watch it all, even without an internet connection.

That’s right! This easy to use app lets you download all of your favorite content onto your desktop, tablet or laptop so you can watch what you want, when you want, without the need of an internet connection holding you back. This function provides accessibility that truly puts the user in control.

Although we live in a highly connected world, you never know when you will be somewhere without internet access. Whether you are traveling to someone’s home, you find yourself bored in a waiting room, or you are taking a long plane trip, you want to have the freedom to be able to watch what you want without the worry of not having a qualifying internet connection. This download option presents that freedom.

The ability to watch your favorite programs without the internet leaves you untethered from the necessity of wires or Wi-Fi. Imagine being able to watch your favorite cooking show on the bus on the way to work or catching up on "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" during your red-eye flight.

The opportunity to watch Netflix without connecting to the internet saves you money by cutting data costs that can quickly pile up with regular streaming.

Saving money and enjoying an endless stream of entertainment. It is all possible with the Netflix app for PC.

Enjoying Your Favorite Entertainment on Your PC Is a Snap

 The Netflix app for PC is easy to use for both existing users and those brand new to the service.

When you launch and log into the app, the main page presents you with large thumbnails of programs that are available on the platform. Categories separate the titles with examples including programs selected personally for you, recently added titles, trending titles, and more.

From there, the programs are separated by genres including everything from documentaries and horror movies to romantic films and family shows.

 Scroll down to see all of the available entertainment. Find the category that suits you then use your mouse to scroll horizontally and see the many titles in that category. Those with touchscreen access will find it even easier to navigate through the collections.

See a title that interests you? Click on the thumbnail to see program details including a brief synopsis and the program’s rating. If it is a television series, you will see a list of the available episodes or other suggestions. You can play the movie from here as well.

Priding itself on its accessibility options, you have the basics including the ability to play, stop, and pause. There is also the 10-second rewind option as well as subtitle and advanced audio options.

Searching and watching is simpler with Cortana

Fans of using voice commands to operate your phone or PC will appreciate the use of Cortana to navigate and play videos on the Netflix app for PC.

For instance, to open the Netflix app for PC, simply say “Hey Cortana, launch Netflix,” and the app will open. If you want to search for a particular title, but you do not want to type in your search or navigate endlessly, then just say “Netflix, find [show title],” and if the program exists, it will show up front and center.

Take advantage of live tiles

Users taking full advantage of the Windows environment understand the benefit of using live tiles in the start menu.

These live tiles display information that users may find useful at a glance without the user having to open the application itself. Examples include live tiles for weather and news updates.

Live tiles and the Netflix app for PC pair up to present screenshots of programs on your “Continue Watching” list. To continue the show, simply click on the live tile and start up where you left off.

To do this, pin the Netflix app for PC to your Start Menu, and done. If you like, you can right click on the photo to change the size of the image.

Download your favorite titles with ease

Then, of course, there is the ability to download movies and TV shows directly to your computer.

To do so, find a title that you want to save for later. Click on the selection to be brought to the dedicated page for that title. Under the synopsis, you will see the download button. Click that and wait for the download to complete.

Keep in mind that longer films will take more time to download. So when downloading a three-hour epic historical drama, plan ahead so that you can download the video in its entirety in time.

To find a list of your previously downloaded videos, click on your profile icon and then select My Downloads. There you will have your library of titles that you can watch at your leisure, anywhere you find yourself.

Get This App Now

The simplicity of use separates the Netflix app for PC from the other streaming programs on the market. It is ideal for the entertainment lover who wants to watch their favorite titles on their own time.

What are you waiting for? Get the Netflix app for PC today and watch all your entertainment dreams come true.


Featured Image: CC0 Public Domain By Christina Morillo, via Pexels

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