Finished With Your Netflix Binge? Here’s Your Next Guilty Obsession

Try perfect shows for your next Netflix Binge

Forget the bubble bath: Netflix binge, take me away.

Some of these guilty obsessions would be fun to share with another adult or maybe with the teenagers in the family. Truthfully though, for a serious down and dirty Netflix binge, it’s best to go it alone. Then if you watch an entire season in one sitting — and finish off the Ben and Jerry’s — you only have to answer to yourself.

By the way, you may want to keep a few series in the queue so you can watch according to your mood. From our experience, quirky shows are a favorite when you want entertainment without using much brain power. And sometimes a good sci-fi hits the spot, while other times, an irreverent comedy is just what you need. That’s why some of our picks need to be a little … off center.

1. A Quirky Netflix Binge

Netflix released “A Series of Unfortunate Events” in 2017 with Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket, who narrates this un-bedtime story.

While this one may appear to be a show for kids, depending on the kids, it’s also a great one to Netflix binge on your own if you’re a tired grown-up looking to escape for a while.

Count Olaf, played by Neil Patrick Harris, is a shady character who’s left in charge of three orphans after they lose their parents in an unexplained fire. Though the premise sounds intense, Count Olaf’s over-the-top antics keep it light.

The Baudelaire children had a charmed life with a good education. Then the passing of their parents set off a series of unfortunate events, beginning with a new home provided by their so-called distant uncle, Count Olaf.

These smart kids don’t fall for the count’s tricks for long. Unfortunately, they have a tough time convincing the adults that Olaf has something to hide.

With the elaborate sets, make-up, and costumes, it’s no wonder that Lemony Snicket’s, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is racking up the awards including four prime-time Emmys and 30 nominations.

All of the artistry makes it fun to watch.

We’re three seasons in on Netflix. So if you haven’t already started this series, you have 25 episodes to binge.

2. Big Hair and Women’s Wrestling

This show offers all the big hair glitz and glamour of the 1980s, plus women’s wrestling. What’ not to love? “G.L.O.W.” is a fun romp through the lives of a group of female wrestlers in Los Angeles. We get to live vicariously through the characters as they battle the system both in the ring and in their personal lives.

Alison Brie as Ruth Wilder wants to land a challenging acting gig. She’s tired of playing the submissive female role and is looking for something more substantial. Then she lands a gig as one of the gorgeous ladies of wrestling, and in the process of learning how to wrestle, she becomes the independent woman she always knew she was, deep inside.

There’s plenty of laughs to be had with “G.L.O.W.” Not to mention, some pretty great moves. Though you’ll find that underneath all the mayhem is a commentary on gender equality. And perhaps, the idea that women must hold each other up instead of playing into the competition the world of advertising enters us into with one another.

So far, there are two seasons on Netflix. What this means for you is a long weekend with the gorgeous ladies of wrestling.

3. A Netflix Binge That Hits You like Old-School Sci-Fi

Mix part Matrix, part Dr. Who, with a dash of Andy Warhol pop color, and you have the set design for the Netflix original series, “Maniac.”

On the one hand, “Manic” is entertaining pop sci-fi — a multi-reality love story — On the other, the theme plays with the idea of mind control and the manipulation of reality. A binge-worthy series should have multiple levels, and “Maniac” fits the bill.

The show centers around two characters who meet because they both signed up for a drug trial. Owen, played by Jonah Hill, has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and Annie, played by Emma Stone, is there for reasons she doesn’t want to discuss.

Experiments conducted by a group of scientists with questionable morals reveal that there’s a multi-dimensional link between Owen and Annie that no one expected.

If sci-fi fantasy is your thing, then this Netflix 10-episode mini-series will keep you entertained with a pop culture roll through a few scientific concepts. And it’s a quick Netflix binge.

4. We All Wonder What Happens When We Die

Netflix viewers are fascinated with death, as you can tell by the wide variety of shows ranging from the zombies of “The Walking Dead” to the unexplained return of people’s family members in “Glitch” — both are good options to feed that infatuation.

We know that a worthy Netflix binge might include an exploration of life after death, so we have a couple of picks for you, beyond zombies.

A blind teenage girl disappears from her home and shows up seven years later with her sight restored. How she regained the ability to see is only the beginning of the mystery of Prairie, “The OA” — played by Brit Marling.

Prairie shares her story with five people whom she believes can help her save her true love, Homer — played by Emory Cohen.

The unlikely crew: Patrick Gibson, Ian Alexander, Phyllis Smith, Brandon Perea, and Brendan Meyer are drawn to this strange woman, trusting her unbelievable story is true. Prairie’s captor and our villain, Dr. Hunter Aloysius ‘Hap’ Percy, played by Jason Isaacs, is a scientist doing his job. At least as far as he’s concerned.

Ultimately, we all want to help the OA and discover the meaning of life. She draws us into a web of sci-fi fantasy and piques our curiosity about what it means to die. Is there an afterlife? Do we come back? Or, does it all simply end?

Part II of “The OA” just came out on Netflix; that means you have a total of 16 episodes to Netflix binge … this could take a couple of days, because you will need a break about every two episodes.

5. Waking up Dead Might Throw off Your Day

After finding out she died, Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell, realizes that she’s in “The Good Place.” But unfortunately, it might be the wrong place. Elenor wasn’t exactly a saint while she was alive.

She may have an opportunity to work on becoming a better person, because she definitely doesn’t want to go to the bad place. The question is, will she be able to change?

Ted Danson as Michael is a likable all-knowing presence, though we’re not always sure about his intentions. He’s one good reason for a Netflix binge of “The Good Place,” along with his co-star Kristen Bell. Their chemistry makes this series excellent entertainment.

‘The Good Place” aired for the first time on NBC in 2016. With two seasons and 25 episodes, you’ll be happy this comedy about the afterlife is on Netflix so you can watch multiple episodes; it’s downright addictive.

6. Irreverent Comedy, Take Me Away

At the end of the day, it’s nice to curl up with an irreverent comedy that makes fun of all the messed up things in this world. Laughter is good for the soul, after all. One of the best things about the series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is the theme song. It gets you ready for the comedy that’s about to ensue.

Kimmy Schmidt, played by Ellie Kemper, spent her teenage years and young adult life in a bunker with the Doomsday Cult, believing that the world had ended.

After rescuers release her and her fellow captives, Kimmy takes on the challenges of re-entering the modern world and develops an unlikely close friendship with Titus Andromedon, played by Tituss Burgess.

Titus is a drama-queen who benefits from Kimmy’s ready to get out there and face the world attitude. Kimmy, Titus, and landlord Lillian Kaushtupper, played by Carol Kane, are a comedy trio that will keep you coming back for more.

With four seasons and 51 episodes, you’ll get plenty of time for laughs if you Netflix binge this series.

7. A Family That Sticks Together

What’s more fun than watching rich people who lost their money struggle in the world with us ordinary folks?

Former video-store mogul Johnny Rose, played by Eugene Levy, loses his fortune and re-establishes the family in a town they own called “Schitt’s Creek.” The title tells you everything you need to know about the series.

No doubt about it, this family is definitely up Schitt’s Creek, and it’s a lifestyle that is foreign, which makes it tons of fun to watch.

With four seasons and 80 episodes, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained for a couple of weeks or so while you enjoy your visit to Schitt’s Creek.

8. Inside the Brain of a Comedy Writer

Andrea, played by Andrea Savage, doesn’t have a filter, which makes her super entertaining to watch. (Though she might be harder to handle if she were a friend in real life.) Don’t we all have that friend who sometimes gets on a roll and makes us want to sneak away before anyone realizes we know them?

Appropriately titled, “I’m Sorry” follows comedy writer Andrea through her daily life as we get a close-up and personal view of her sometimes amazing parenting skills despite her uncanny ability to make cringe-worthy commentary.

Olive Petrucci as Amelia, who is quite an actress as well, takes on her role as Andrea’s curious and outspoken daughter. It’s almost as much fun wondering what Amelia will say next as it is waiting to see who Andrea will offend.

“I’m Sorry” is a quick binge with 20 episodes that pull you in and won’t release you until you’ve finished every last drop.

9. Major Binge

If you want to go on a major binge, you’ll find that the family in “Shameless” is usually bingeing on something. They put the function in dysfunctional as they barrel through life one day at a time.

Frank Gallagher, played by William H. Macy, isn’t exactly what you would call a role-model. However, he did raise some real scrappers. The fun of this series is not knowing who will do what with whom, next. If you want to feel better about your own family, this group of rabble-rousers can help. There is truly no shame in their hearts as they take life by the horns.

Settle in. This one will take a while to binge, with Season 10 upon us and 112 episodes. The thing is, once you start, you won’t be able to help yourself — you must keep watching.

10. The Girl next Door

If you want something a little lighter than dysfunctional family antics, then you’ll be happy to hear that “New Girl,” Season 7 just came out on Netflix.

One girl rooming with three guys. What could happen? The show is reminiscent of “Friends” as we get to watch their relationships develop, grow more profound, and change as they all grow up. Plus, of course, there’s the love interest that we continue to root for to get together. Season 7 just came out on Netflix, and we’re still hoping!

If you haven’t started watching “New Girl,” with the adorable and hilarious Zooey Deschanel, yet, it’s time to start a new Netflix binge.

That’s a Wrap

There’s no doubt that you’ll find something to watch on Netflix. From science fiction to psychological horror and a dash of comedy to cool things down, there’s something for everyone. Remember, though, that not all Netflix binges are something to share. Sometimes the best way to binge is alone, just you and the characters who promise to aid your escape from reality.

Featured Image: CC0, by JESHOOTS-com, via Pixabay

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