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A good Netflix hack makes you question the old saying about not fixing what isn't broken. Its pretty universally accepted that the streaming giant has been at the leading edge of entertainment for awhile. Netflix changed the way we view and pay for TV and movies. It disrupted how the industry releases their entertainment. And DVDs and Blu-Rays became niche products for collectors (adding audio-commentary to Netflix would be sweet though).

But even if you already spend hours of your life on Netflix, you might not know how to squeeze out everything it has to offer. And with so many unknown or hidden options, there are ways and means to improve your viewing experience even more. There are also ways to add features to Netflix that they do not offer. This is where knowing a Netflix hack or two can be useful. Fair warning, this will make the website even more addictive.

Suggest Movies and TV Shows to Netflix


Can't find your favorite TV-show on Netflix? Did that movie you watched all through your childhood disappear off your list? It is true that despite its extensive catalog Netflix does not offer everything. A shocking injustice, at least from time to time. To help them help you, Netflix does, however, provide a neat little suggestion box. On their help site, you will find a way to lobby for additions. Put in up to three different titles, and Netflix will review your suggestions. Occasionally, depending on available licenses, and if enough people ask for it, they will add titles this way.

Add IMDb Rating and Trailers

netflix browser

How are you supposed to keep up with what is worth your time? It surely does not help that Netflix often fails to offer trailers for movies and shows that are not Netflix originals. Sure you can go check external sources. But who wants to switch tabs around like an animal? We are surely more advanced as a society than that. Netflix Enhancer is a tool that proves humanity is up for whatever challenge we are faced with. By adding ratings and trailers from IMDb, it's never been easier to the make the right movie choice.

Should you be watching Netflix on your TV via Amazon Fire, Apple TV or Roku, there is another option available. By downloading the Upflix app to your iPhone or Android device, you will get a convenient tool to make an informed decision. And who wants to waste an evening on lousy entertainment?

Download Movies to Watch Offline


This is possibly the single most useful Netflix hack on this list. Or, at least it is if you own a tablet or other mobile device, as this function is currently only available on these options. Go to the title you want to download and click the little download button on the right side. You will download a copy on to your device, ready for watching anywhere, even without an internet connection. And do not worry, it does not clog up the valuable hard drive of your phone or tablet. Through the Netflix app, you will get an excellent quality copy, but it will only take a reasonable amount of space. What makes this black magic possible? We do not know. All we know is traveling has never been more entertaining.

You can even filter your search to only show titles available for download. Though while not everything can be downloaded, you will be hard-pressed to be disappointed with the choices you do have.

Multiple Profiles for Maximum Customization

multiple users netflix

Who did not know that you can have multiple profiles? No big deal, right? Technically, you would be right scoffing at this basic Netflix hack. But that is only because you have not thought about the possibilities it provides. From creating different taste-profiles for yourself to creating child-protected profiles for your kids, there are multiple ways to put this feature to use. And isn't it annoying when someone ruins your hard-earned, personalized recommendations by watching some nonsense on your account? Not to mention the ability to set up each profile with its own language settings.

The amount of customization it offers are endless. You can even use multiple profiles to share Netflix with your friends and loved-ones. Everyone will have their own personalized experience.

Kick the Freeloaders

signing off

What if you like sharing, but you do not generally trust people? Don't you sometimes wish you hadn't given that annoying ex of yours access to your Netflix account? By just going to your account, you can select to log-out on all active devices. This Netflix hack kicks off any unwanted moochers. Consequently, letting them know they should get their own Netflix account. And to keep them from logging back in, all you need to do now is change your password. Doesn't it feel good to be a god?

Play Netflix Roulette


After a hard day at work, browsing through entertainment options as vast as those from Netflix can be overwhelming. Who has the time to keep track of all of it? And who has the energy to research and curate the best movies and TV-Shows out there? Even with the many rankings, lists and recommendations, just sitting down and watching has its appeal. Almost like old-school television.

Flix Roulette offers a randomized way to experience Netflix. Sure it is risky, and you might end up regretting what you watch, but if you put your hands in fate, you have no one to blame but the universe. Liberating, isn't it? And you might even discover your next favorite show this way. Should you feel like less of an anarchist, you can also add a couple of filters to have some control over the results.

Adjust Streaming Setting Manually

Setting Manually

This is the Netflix hack that will make you feel most like an actual hacker. For whatever reason, your viewing experience might be less than optimal. For example, it may stop to buffer. An undesired resolution can be especially frustrating for those with an inconsistent internet connection. And when you look at Netflix's settings, you will be met with a bare minimum of dials to turn. A hidden feature is what might just save the day. By pressing ctrl-shift-alt-s on Windows, or ctrl-shift-option-s on a Mac, you can adjust settings manually. Just pick the numbers you think will work best for you, and enjoy the smooth streaming fun.


Much like adjusting the streaming settings, Netflix has some hotkey functions just hidden beneath the surface. From forwarding and rewinding to changing the volume, using a trackpad can be a hassle. You can check out the hotkeys here, but we took the liberty to give you a selection below.

Space/Enter: Play/Pause

PgUp: Play (PC only)

PgDn: Pause (PC only)

F: Full Screen

Esc: Exit full screen

Shift+Left arrow: Rewind

Shift+Right arrow: Fast forward

Up arrow: Volume up

Down arrow: Volume down

M: Mute on/off

Binge and Snark with Friends Live

watching movies together with friends

As we all know, TV is more fun with friends than alone. The worst movie or show can become the best time of your life when joking about it with others. Unfortunately, we cannot spend every hour of every day with our friends. Apps like Facetime and Skype are an option but can be annoying to use when watching Netflix at the same time. In comes Rabbit, a video streaming app that makes streaming and chatting together fun. Simply start a video chat, stream Netflix through it, and invite your friends. And while you all enjoy the same program at the same time, multiple chat options make sure that every comment will be heard.

Delete Your History

netflix activity

Don't you sometimes regret the choices you made throughout a long binge? Did you really watch that show for three hours straight? Do not play shy. We know what you did. And now all your Netflix recommendations are tailored to remind you of your embarrassing decision. Or maybe you finished the newest season of whatever you and your partner wanted to watch together! What if you get caught? Fear no more, your shameful secrets are safe with Netflix. Because by going to this page, you can selectively delete parts of your viewing history. Unfortunately, it won't erase the memory of what you did, but at least this way you can pretend it never happened.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

netflix test participation
​ ​​​​​​​

Netflix is an ever-changing entity. New features are being worked on all the time. And in the future, you might not need any of the Netflix hacks that are available today. So, to receive something of a sneak preview of what is to come, you can opt-in to test new features. Follow the link to participate in tests, and you can not only experience new features sooner, but you are also helping to improve Netflix. It is a win-win situation. Furthermore, you also show-off the ways your account is already superior to those of your friends.

Try a Netflix Hack Today

These are the best Netflix hacks available right now. Use these to improve your Netflix experience in a way you never imagined, and make the perfect source of entertainment even more entertaining. But be careful, you might leave your house anymore. But what do you think? And are you planning on using a Netflix hack? Or do you know even more hacks? Let us know in the comments, and we will make sure to keep you updated on any new hacks we discover.


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