Is Parenthood on Netflix?

Lasting for six seasons, Parenthood ended with a shortened, half-length season in 2015. This article provides information on the main cast and plot of the TV show, some interesting pieces of trivia, and the Parenthood Netflix availability worldwide. Parenthood on Netflix Release Date on Netflix: October 1st, 2011 Creator: Jason Kratims Directors: Lawrence Trilling, Patrick… Continue reading Is Parenthood on Netflix?

Is Suits Season 4 on Netflix?

Suits Season 4 tilts the original premise on its head, while maintaining the charisma that fans have come to love. This article will walk you through the plot, episode list, main cast, and guest stars, as well as the Suits Season 4 Netflix availability. But before diving into all that, let’s go through what happened during… Continue reading Is Suits Season 4 on Netflix?

Sons of Anarchy on Netflix

Sons of Anarchy is one of the most watched crime drama thrillers in the world. Going on for 92 episodes over the course of seven seasons, the show managed to raise such a viewership that it became FX’s highest-rated TV series ever, with an average of 5 million viewers in the US alone. But what is… Continue reading Sons of Anarchy on Netflix

Parenthood Season 6 on Netflix

Marriages, deaths, births, illnesses, and accomplishments that everyone can relate to play out in Parenthood, a drama that ran for 6 seasons on NBC, and the last season is one of the most intricate. Our Parenthood Season 6 guide has info on the season’s Netflix availability, its ratings, runtime, plot, trivia, and a complete episode list.… Continue reading Parenthood Season 6 on Netflix