New Shows Coming to Netflix In August [2018]

new shows coming to netflix

There are a bunch of new shows coming to Netflix in August. Each month, the streaming giant brings us new shows to sate our binge-watching desires. July was a great month with the addition of a new season of “Orange is the New Black,” “Boondock Saints,” the newest season of “Shameless,” and more.

The rest of the year has been spectacular. We’ve seen dark comedy “The End Of The F***ing World,” second seasons of Marvel Comics shows “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage,” a new season of “The Ranch,” new “Arrested Development,” and more. And August promises to continue an amazing release schedule with all sorts of new shows coming to Netflix.

The streaming giant’s August offerings include a new project from “Simpsons” and “Futurama” creator Matt Groening, which is very exciting for fans of his shows. We will also see multiple Netflix originals starting up as well as returning shows that are sure to help you beat the heat by staying comfortable on your couch.

So, what shows and movies are coming to steal away your life in August?

Like Father (August 3)

“Like Father” stars Kristen Bell, Seth Rogen, and Kelsey Grammar. Those three names alone are enough to make it interesting enough to watch, but the plot sounds great as well. A workaholic woman is left at the altar. She decides to spend her honeymoon trip with another man — her estranged father who left her and her mother because he felt his family was holding back his career.

Flavors of Youth (August 4)

“Flavors of Youth” comes from the studio behind the internationally-acclaimed anime movie “Your Name.” This beautifully-animated tale follows the past lives of three characters all over China.

The story unfolds in three parts. The first revolves around Shaomin, who recalls times in his life when he would shop for rice noodles and find life-changing events connected to them. The second is about Irin, a fashion model who questions her career path as she takes care of her younger sister. The third is about Rimo, who rushes to his childhood home after some events unfold and begins to question his entire life.

All About the Washingtons (August 10)

“All About the Washingtons” is an autobiographical sitcom that follows fictionalized versions of Reverend Run (of Run-D.M.C.) and his wife raising a family. “Joey Washington” is a retired hip-hop legend who now must focus on family while his wife takes advantage of an opportunity to pursue her own career opportunities.

La Casa de las Flores Season 1 (August 10)

If you need to get your dark comedy fix, you’ll find it in this show about a family-run flower shop, as strange as that may sound. While everything seems perfect on the outside, the family’s closets are just filled with skeletons.

One such skeleton in this Spanish-language series is the patriarch’s mistress, who suddenly passes away. He decides to bring her children into his household alongside his current family, who knew nothing of their existence.

The Package (August 10)


The Package is throbbing with comedic potential. Or maybe it will go limp very quickly. If you haven’t guessed, this Ben Stiller-produced dark comedy is about a penis. A teenager’s penis, to be precise. Our brave hero accidentally cuts off his member during a camping trip. Then we watch him, and his friends race against the clock as they attempt to save his “little friend.”

Not much is known about this film beyond that (and the fact that it was originally to be titled “The Eggplant Emoji). It’s unclear if this movie will be good, but it should be interesting at least.

Disenchantment Season 1 (August 17)

“Simpsons” creator Matt Groening has shown us the present in Springfield and the future in “Futurama.” Now it seems only natural that he would travel back in time with his latest creation, “Disenchantment.”

“Disenchantment” is an adult fantasy series about a kingdom known as Dreamland where we meet an alcoholic princess, her elf companion, and her personal demon servant. We’ll also see other mythical creatures like ogres, sprites, trolls, imps, harpies, and… walruses.

This show sounds insane but insane is what Groening does best — so it’s sure to be worth a watch. The first 10 of a scheduled 20 episodes drop on August 17.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is adapted from the hugely popular YA novels by Jenny Han. The 16-year-old protagonist’s life becomes chaotic when letters she had written — but never sent — to every boy she has ever loved (five in total) are mysteriously mailed out.

This is one of the new shows coming to Netflix that you don’t want to miss!

The Innocents Season 1 (August 24)

“The Innocents” is a British teen supernatural drama. It follows the story of two teenagers who run away from their families to be together. Also, the female of the pair learns she is a shapeshifter. A professor reveals that not only are others like her, but a whole bunch of people want to find her.

She then begins an epic journey to cure herself of her affliction and to reunite with her mother, who abandoned her years before.

Ozark Season 2 (August 31)

Crime drama “Ozark” is one of the most anticipated new shows coming to Netflix. It returns on August 31, which is sure to please audiences. The first season of this show blew critics and audiences away.

The show begins when a financial planner and his partner’s money laundering scheme goes wrong. When things go wrong, Marty Byrd ends up on the bad side of Mexico’s second-largest drug cartel. He moves his family from Chicago to the lazy lake region of the Missouri Ozarks to attempt to pay off his massive financial debt.

The first season concluded with what seemed like a happy ending, but we can rest assured that this won’t last for long as season two releases.

More New Shows Coming to Netflix

August is exciting, but September also has some great offerings you should look forward to. One of them involves a horse. Netflix’s release schedule this year has been top-notch, and September promises to be no different from August or any other feature-packed month.

The Good Cop Season 1

“The Good Cop” stars Tony Danza as a “disgraced, former NYPD officer who never followed the rules” and Josh Groban as his son Tony, an NYPD detective who is the exact opposite.

In this dramedy from the creator of Monk, the two become unofficial partners as Danza’s character offers his son advice on everything from handling suspects to his love life.

Bojack Horseman Season 5 (September 14)

Why the long face? Bojack is back! The washed-up star of an 80’s sitcom (think Bob Saget with hooves) returns to continue his adventures.

Thus far it is unclear what antics, hijinks, and shenanigans Bojack and his friends (and frenemies) will get into. But that isn’t abnormal for this series, which usually waits until just before episodes release to give the audience any clue what they are in for.

Netflix Continues to be the Best

These are just some of the new shows coming to Netflix in 2018. This has already been an interesting year, with the streaming giant spending $8 billion on original content this year. A whopping 85 percent of that money is being spent on original content. Right now, Netflix is on track to spend more on non-sports content than any of its competitors and many television networks. This includes Viacom (think MTV and Comedy Central) and CBS, two major spenders among television giants.

As the year rolls on, Netflix continues to impress us with hit after hit. And with 2018 being as impressive as it has been, we can look forward to an even stronger 2019.


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