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power season 2 netflix

James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick is leading a double life in Power season 2. He owns and operates a successful nightclub in New York City called Truth and has a family with his wife Tasha. Behind closed doors, however, he’s a heavy hitter in the biggest drug ring in the city and he rekindles his relationship with an ex-girlfriend, who is also an Assistant US Attorney, named Angela. Ghost makes a decision to leave his crime life behind and walk the straight and narrow, but his underworld colleagues have other ideas.

Power Season 2

Season’s Netflix Release Date: April 1, 2016
Director: Various
Runtime: 50 minutes
IMDB Rating: 8.1
Season’s Rotten Tomatoes Score: 72%

Things get sticky when Ghost’s right hand man Tommy discovers that Angela is actually a lawyer working for the FBI. This gives him leverage to destroy her relationship with Ghost and her job. Tommy is not only protective of Ghost, but is keen to keep things operating to his own benefit.

Ghost’s wife Tasha continues down the road of deception, flirting with other men and stashing cash whenever she can. She doesn’t want the comforts of life that she has become accustomed to disappearing anytime soon, so she’s setting herself up in case something happens to her husband, or if he stops raking in the cash she loves so much.

Kanan returns and is ready to implement his own agenda. He’s a hot head and very dangerous. Now that he’s out of prison, he could cause trouble for Ghost, who still wants to go clean.

The events of Season 1 have repercussions that echo through Season 2. The shooting at Truth threatens the legitimate side of Ghost’s life, which is something his wife is fine with. His relationship with Angela leads his wife to take action.

50 Cent, who is also an executive producer, reprises his role as Kanan, beefing up the part and becoming more integral to the story. Anika Noni Rose appears in 5 episodes as a police officer, who has personal history with some of the story’s major players.

This series films primarily in New York City, New York. Some scenes in Season 2 were filmed in Miami, Florida.

Power Season 2 continues the emotional journey of Ghost, a man torn between two worlds.

Power Season 2 Episode Guide

Power – Season 2 Episode 1: Consequences
Power – Season 2 Episode 2: No Friends on the Street
Power – Season 2 Episode 3: Like We’re Any Other Couple
Power – Season 2 Episode 4: You’re the Only Person I Can Trust
Power – Season 2 Episode 5: Who You Are and Who You Want to Be
Power – Season 2 Episode 6: Why Her?
Power – Season 2 Episode 7: You’re Not the Man
Power – Season 2 Episode 8: Three Moves Ahead
Power – Season 2 Episode 9: Time’s Up
Power – Season 2 Episode 10: Ghost Is Dead

Is Power Season 2 on Netflix?

Yes. Season 2 is streaming on Netflix Ireland and Netflix UK.

Power Season 2 continues the strong pace set by Season 1. As secrets reveal themselves, more trouble complicates the lives of Ghost and all of those around him. The struggle between what is good and what is right makes for an emotionally charged thrill. An easy show to get hooked on, watch Power Season 2 on Netflix.