Is Royal Pains Season 7 on Netflix?

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Royal Pains is a comedic medical drama that aired on the USA Network from 2009 through 2016. The show is centered around doctor Hank Lawson and his brother Evan and their concierge medical practice in the Hamptons. Those who missed the show while it was on television are discovering it now on Netflix. Royals Pains Season 7 is an enjoyable season with a mix of levity, drama, and heart.

Royal Pains Season 7

Season Release Date on Netflix: Season 7 was released on Netflix on April 26, 2016.
Director: Season 7 episodes were directed by Constantine Makris, Joe Collins, Emile Levisetti, Michael B. Silver, Paulo Costanzo, Ed Fraiman, Lara Shapiro, and Jay Chandrasekhar.
Runtime: Each episode has a runtime of 42 minutes, for a total of 5.6 hours for the season.
Season’s IMDb Rating: All episodes in Royal Pains Season 7 received a rating on IMDB of at least 7.3 out of 10 with many episodes receiving ratings of 7.8-8.3. The 7th and 8th episodes of Season 7 received the highest ratings.
Season’s Rotten Tomatoes Score: With an average rating of 4.1/5, the Rotton Tomatoes audience score shows 87% like the season.

Season 7 of Royal Pains features favorite characters Hank, Evan, Paige, Divya, and Boris in situations that offer the balance of comedy and drama Royal Pains fans have come to expect. The show ended with Season 8, so the seventh season was the penultimate summer in the Hamptons for the characters.

The end of Season 6 set up a few big storylines for Season 7, like the disappearance of half sister to the Lawson boys Emma, the surprising purchase by Boris of the hospital, and the state of Hank’s always difficult love life.

Like other seasons, this season was filmed on location on Long Island and features many shots of the gorgeous beach shorelines. In addition to the expected medical mysteries for intrepid doctor Hank to solve, Season 7 has some big family changes for Evan and Paige, legal troubles for Divya, and some ups and downs in the romance department for Hank. After some time away, fan favorite Boris also plays a pretty big role in Season 7. After Boris purchases Hamptons Heritage, there are major big changes at HankMed that the characters all respond to in their own ways.

Some guest stars and background actors in Season 7 were portraying who they are in real life, including members of the Southampton Fire Department and transgender actress Nicole Amber Maines.

Unlike previous seasons of Royal Pains that had 12-18 episodes, Season 7 only has 8 episodes. The shorter episode count for seasons 7 and 8 was a decision made based on the planned ending of the show after Season 8 and the desire to hit the coveted 100-episode mark. Season 7 sets up Season 8, the show’s final season, perfectly.

The Royal Pains Season 7 premiere was on USA Network on June 2, 2015.

Royal Pains Season 7 Episode Guide

Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 1: Rebound
Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 2: False Start
Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 3: Playing Doctor
Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 4: The Prince of Nucleotides
Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 5: Voices Carry
Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 6: Secret Asian Man
Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 7: Lama Trauma
Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 8: Lending a Shoulder

Is Royal Pains Season 7 on Netflix?

Yes. Royal Pains Season 7 is available on Netflix USA.


The penultimate season, Royal Pains Season 7, has plenty of what fans love about the series. There are several medical mysteries to solve and Hank, Evan, Paige, Divya, and Boris go through plenty of drama. This season will make you laugh and it may even make you cry. Season 7 of Royal Pains won’t disappoint you if you are already a big fan of Royal Pains. If you’ve never seen the show before, you’ll enjoy this season as well, but you’ll probably like it more if you’ve seen the seasons that come before. Go watch Royal Pains Season 7 and let us know what you think! What was your favorite episode?

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