The Ten Best Spanish Movies On Netflix This Year

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Whether you want to practice and improve your Spanish, or you are simply looking to expand your cinema knowledge, we have come up with a list of what we consider to be the 10 best Spanish movies on Netflix.

If you are interested in Spanish culture and cinema, perhaps you have an upcoming trip to Latin America or Spain, watching some of our selections below will provide you not only with hours of entertainment (be it at home or on the plane) but also with that insight into people that only cinema can provide!  You can arrive at your destination with a little more knowledge of the place, or perhaps have more of an excuse to research an exciting actor or director whose work you've just watched.


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Other people will like our selections because of the varied accents and shades of Spanish culture to which they will be exposed.  Some people find it very useful to watch movies with English or Spanish subtitles, or as a way to study behaviors and ways of life.

Whatever your reason to research Spanish movies on Netflix, stay tuned with our list and discover some new gems in cinema!

Product FAQ

1. What Are Spanish Movies?

Spanish movies on Netflix are titles that come from Spain or Latin America.  Spanish is the official language of 21 nations, so the diversity of its speakers is clearly reflected in their stories and characters.

Some people like to immerse themselves in the culture before a trip, or because they want to be able to make conversation with people knowledgeable on the subject.  Perhaps your new significant other come from a Spanish-speaking culture or country, and you want to make a good impression when meeting the in-laws!  These Spanish movies on Netflix can be a great way of being exposed to some incredible cinema and join that conversation at your next party.

If you want to brush up on your language skills as well before that vacation, watching some of our selections will provide you with good entertainment and get you used to that new language.  That's always an advantage when landing and it will help you feel more confident on arrival.

2. How Do You Find Spanish Movies on Netflix?

Simply read our reviews below and find some titles that seem most interesting.  With your Netflix subscription, it will be easy enough to find them and starts streaming these Spanish movies on Netflix in no time, be it in the comfort of your own home or your plane seat (now that you can download many titles to your computer as well).

If you have your Netflix subscription, there is no need to buy anything else.  Or you can easily and rather inexpensively get a subscription and be able to watch these great works of art in close to no time.

3. Are All Of These Movies Available In My Country?

The availability of these titles can vary by country, so make sure you search for a couple of them if your first try isn't available for any reason.  The Spanish movies on Netflix below have all been researched for availability in the US as of August 2018.


How We Reviewed

The following Spanish movies on Netflix were reviewed based on the following parameters: Synopsis, Pros & Cons and Overall Appeal as based on popularity and reviews by critics and Spanish movie enthusiasts.  Of course, movie tastes are subjective, so we have tried to find titles that are widely recognized as some of the best Spanish movies available on Netflix.


What We Reviewed

The Spanish movies on Netflix that we have reviewed are the following:

  • La Lengua de las Mariposas

  • Toro

  • 100 Metros
  • Palmeras en la Nieve
  • Gloria
  • También la Lluvia
  • Eva
  • La Reina de España
  • Contratiempo
  • Ocho Apellidos Vascos


La Lengua de las Mariposas

La Lengua de las Mariposas

This historical coming-of-age drama set in 1936 tells the story of a young Galician boy who befriends his republican teacher just before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. This movie is tragically beautiful as we take on a journey about the simplicity of life, the boundaries of freedom, and the fragility of innocence. The boy, Moncho, is frightened about starting school, and it is up to the gentle, compassionate Don Gregorio to set the boy's mind at ease. When the Spanish Civil War erupts on July 18, it changes forever both individuals' lives.


It is a great movie to watch if you wish to gain further insight into Spain’s political history

 Beautifully shot and acted, especially by the actor playing the teacher

Nostalgic and sentimental


A specific historical context that may not appeal to some

A mature subject matter that audiences seeking more thrilling entertainment may find less than ideal

100 metros

100 metros

Based on a true story about a man with a young family who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his 30s.  His doctor tells him that he will barely be able to walk, let alone run. But he decides to attempt the ultimate sporting challenge: to complete an Ironman race, an endurance event consisting of 42 km run, 3,8 km swim and 180 km bike ride.

Determined to resist the disease as long as he can, and with the help of his father-in-law, who has troubles of his own, Ramon embarks on an incredible journey. Keep tissues nearby for this heart-wrenching and inspiring story.


Incredibly inspiring

Based on true events



Very sentimental

Subject matter can be depressing to some



An ex-con who has left his life of crime behind is dragged into a conflict with the local mafia when his family is threatened. Toro is a young man who has rebuilt his life since being involved in an accident that led to a long sentence in the slammer: he now has an above-board job and a cheerful girlfriend. But when his brother, whose teenage daughter has been kidnapped by a mobster, asks him for help, he finds himself involved against his will in a spiral of deceit, fleeing, and violence.

Entertainingly frenetic thriller atmospherically set on Spain’s southern coast.  The story transports us into the kitsch world of the mafia, which, in Spain, feeds off of coastal tourism, a phenomenon that has mercilessly ruined the unique natural landscape.


High paced thriller

Entertaining and fun


Some are looking for more substantial content may find it rather shallow

Violence and blood may be objectionable to some audiences

Palmeras en la Nieve

Palmeras en la Nieve

A Spanish woman travels to Africa in hoping to unearth old family secrets after finding a letter her dying father left behind. The story moves between her search and forbidden love in the time of colonialism. 

Based on the best-selling novel by Luz Gabas, the film is largely set on the island of Fernando Poo during the declining years of its colonization by the Spanish.  The movie follows the discovery by the young, idealistic Clarence of a fragment of an old letter which shows that her aging, addled uncle Killian has been secretly despatching money to an island family.  Despite the advice of her mother not to go, Clarence turns up in the tropics where she will learn that what’s been going on under the apparently benign surface is actually rather horrible.


Great cinematography

Engaging plot and characters

Rich in historical context


Audiences seeking more entertaining, action-based plots may be disappointed

Could be narrow in subject, with which some audiences may be unable to identify



This biographical drama tells the story of Gloria Trevi, the “Mexican Madonna.” Once a rebellious pop star, Gloria made headlines for kidnapping and prostituting underage girls in a sordid ring that scandalized a whole continent.

Coming from the direst poverty, the teenage Gloria first attracted the attention of girl-group producer Sergio Andrade, who shaped both her performance style and composing of the politically and sexually bold songs which brought her to the top of the charts.  Less known, at least for a while, was the micromanagement of her personal life, with torrents of emotional and sexual abuse.


Very entertaining

Great performance from the lead actress

Insights into a big scandal


Those not familiar with the artist may find it unappealing

Subject matter may be objectionable to some

También la Lluvia

También la Lluvia

This Spanish film stars Mexican actor Gael García Bernal as a director who travels to Bolivia to shoot a film depicting Christopher Columbus’s conquest. The crew finds themselves facing a moral crisis as the Bolivian film extras violently protest the privatization of their water supply, paralleling the Spanish exploitation of the New World.

The moral conflict in También la Lluvia is that between its producer Costa, a money-driven conservative with no sympathy for the local Indians, and its director Sebastián, who is a younger man, and a bit of an idealist.


Great acting, especially Garcia Bernal

Blend of entertainment and historical elements

High-quality filmmaking


Can be a bit slow at times

Historical accounts may not be interesting to all



Thought-provoking, this movie takes place in the year 2041 when humans and machines are living next to one another. Alex is a brilliant and renowned software engineer, who is attempting to design a child android. In his quest to base his creation’s mindset as realistically as possible, he returns to his hometown after a 10-year absence.  There, his niece Eva not only fascinates him but also provides the inspiration of his new conception.


Futuristic and entertaining


Touching and moving


The story feels a bit narrow at times

Some may find it a bit melodramatic

La Reina de España

​​​ La Reina de España

It’s 1956, and an American film company is making a movie about Isabel and Ferdinand, the Queen and King of Spain at the time of Columbus' expedition to the Americas.  The movie, commissioned by Franco, sends Macarena Granada, now a big name in Hollywood, back to her native Spain after 20 years to star in it.


A strong undercurrent of Spanish history

Strong acting

Great cinematography


It is slow for the most part

The story may feel forced to some



A wealthy businessman is accused of murder and seeks the help of a famous lawyer to mount a defense as the last hours of his trial wind down. His storytelling of those events takes us down a dark path of twists and turns, and unexpected revelations.

Adrian Doria claims that both he and his lover Laura were attacked by an unseen assailant, who then vanished from their locked hotel room.  His lawyer sends top witness coach Virginia Gooseman to help him get his story straight before the judge calls him to the stand, which could happen any minute.


Suspenseful and thrilling

Lots of twists and turns

Great acting


Those looking for a deeper subject may find it too strong on the pure entertainment front

Feels like a movie that could have been made in Hollywood and some may find it too slick for its own good

Ocho Apellidos Vascos


Spanish culture collides when a Sevillian falls for a woman from Basque country– even though he’s never left his hometown before. Even if you don’t enjoy this type of humor, it’s worth a watch for the fascinating insights into Basque and Andalusian culture and the stereotypes the Spanish have about each other.


Insights into Spanish culture

Cute and entertaining

It was a huge box office success in Spain


Some of the chemistry seems to lack between actors at times

Humor sometimes doesn't translate

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to freshen up on your Spanish language skills, or are looking to discover new cinematic gems, the list of Spanish movies on Netflix above has been compiled to provide you with a good starting point in your journey.  From stories with strong historical and political themes to romantic comedies and action thrillers, our list should have something for everyone.  So pick your favorite and get streaming on Netflix!

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