Switched at Birth Season 5 on Netflix

The Freeform enterprise just released Switched at Birth season 5 to the public on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017, but when is it coming to Netflix? It is going to be the fifth installment in the series featuring the experiences of two girls who were switched at birth to grow in different environments. They witness cultural and class differences in addition to other unpleasant social issues like racism and audism.

We have dug up some of the valuable information you may need to know about the fifth season of this family drama series and its Netflix availability.

Switched at Birth Season 5

Season Release Date on Netflix: January 2017
Director: Steve Miner & others
Runtime: 1 hour
IMDb Rating: 7.8
Season’s Rotten Tomatoes Score: N/A

Switched at Birth returns after quite a long time (last airing of season 4 finale was on October 26th, 2015). This final season concludes the show clocking 103 episodes, with the last episode airing for 90 minutes. It is set to contain just ten episodes which tie all the loose ends witnessed in the previous seasons of the show.

The decision of the renewal for a new season was rather predictable based on how well the audience received the fourth season. Currently, the IMDb ratings of this series are at 7.8/10 determined by over 18700 viewer votes, forty-five reviews, and seven critic reviews. Its availability on Netflix is not yet clear as it is yet to be released.

Based on the TVline posts, the upcoming season 5 is packed with twists and turns for the main characters Daphne and Bay as they get back to Kansas from China. Some of the surprises awaiting them involve new marriages, rumors, gossip and unwanted boyfriends. Another thing to anticipate is the possible divorce involving John (D.W Moffett) and Kathryn (Lea Thompson) whose marriage has been on the rocks regarding their financial situation.

Toby and Lily are also on the verge of getting married, just before a scandal occurs in the Kennish and Vasquez clan. Regina in this season has a new much younger boy toy named Michael. Daphne and her beau, Mingo, on the other hand, make enemies with classmates when he dresses as the rapper Lil Wayne to the party. These are just snippets of what to expect from the all new Switched at Birth season 5.

The cast of Switched at Birth season five include famous stars like Steve Miller, Ron Lagomarsino, Melanie Mayron, David Palmer, and Zetna Fuentes among other crew members. The ABC family series is to take place in Kansas City according to the set. However, it is being filmed in Southern California, specifically at 22610 13th place.

Catch the official trailer for more information about the much-awaited renewal of the series.

Switched at Birth Season 5 Episode Guide

Switched at Birth season 5 episode 1: The Call
Switched at Birth season 5 episode 2: This Has to Do with Me
Switched at Birth season 5 episode 3: Surprise
Switched at Birth season 5 episode 4: Relation of Lines and Colors
Switched at Birth season 5 episode 5: Occupy Truth
Switched at Birth season 5 episode 6: Four Ages in Life
Switched at Birth season 5 episode 7: Memory (The heart)
Switched at Birth season 5 episode 8: Left in Charge
Switched at Birth season 5 episode 9: The Wolf is waiting
Switched at Birth season 5 episode 10: Long Live Love

Is Switched at Birth Season 5 Available on Netflix?

Yes. Switched at Birth is available for streaming on Netflix inAndorra, Portugal, and Spain.

The Switched at Birth cast will hit the milestone of a hundred and over episode releases since the series’ inception in the most dramatic way ever. Therefore, make sure to catch the action on Netflix upon its production for a time of your life.

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