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The television series The 100 is loosely based on a novel by Kass Morgan, where the few humans who survive a nuclear holocaust have been living in a patched together space station for 97 years. The series has run for 4 seasons on The CW network, and has recently been renewed for a fifth season, set to premiere in 2018. Let’s take a closer look at its plot and characters, and discover if we can watch The 100 on Netflix’s streaming services.

The 100

Release Date on Netflix: 2014
Director: Jason Rothenberg
Runtime: 43 minutes
IMDb Rating: 7.8
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 88%

The 100 is a science-fiction and action-based drama set nearly a century after civilization is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. The only known survivors are the descendants of several international and corporate space stations who bound themselves together after the initial destruction. In order to survive their very cramped conditions, they set up a very strict set of rules, including a limit on the number of children allowed to be born.

There are only two punishments, spacing through an airlock for adults and imprisonment for minors. Due to resource limitations, they must find a way to reduce their population. Their solution: drop 100 of their imprisoned young people to the ground to see if they can survive the surface of the slowly healing Earth.

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) has her father spaced as a form of execution, because he discovered the secret that the station population was no longer sustainable. After he is gone, Clarke is placed in isolation in a prison for underage law breakers. In order to solve the problem with overpopulation, the station’s Chancellor (Isaiah Washington) banishes the imprisoned teenagers to the surface of the planet.

The first season follows the travails of “The 100” as they try to survive in the wild and discover that they are not the only humans left after the destruction. In fact, multiple primitive tribes they call “Grounders” compete for dominance with the bunker of high-tech American survivors trying to find a way to take back the surface as well.

Future seasons evolve around the base characters as they deal with the politics and challenges of a post-apocalyptic world. They must fight an AI trying to take over humanity, and then find a way to build peace between the various, warring tribes. They even discover the truth behind why the nuclear war happened in the first place.

Season five will premiere on The CW in February of 2018. It will continue where the fourth season left off, with the Earth facing an even greater destruction. If you want to start the show from scratch, take a look at this trailer for season 1.

Is the 100 on Netflix?

The fantastic answer to that question is yes. All four completed seasons are currently streaming in every Netflix region. Each season has either thirteen or sixteen episodes, and it is highly likely that the fifth season will be added as well, after it airs on The CW.


The 100 is a gritty, character driven sci-fi series with a talented cast and a good amount of imagination. The post-apocalyptic world is fairly well-crafted, and it even has a few unexpected surprises. If you have not seen it yet, and are a fan of the genre, you can watch The 100 on Netflix. If you have seen it, it may well be worth another try, as so much is going on in multiple story and time lines.

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